Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post by Cedric Kamtsan, Business Director at DNA’s Handset and Subscription Business on the DNA engine blog.

    The co-operation between DNA and Jolla has been awesome. More than twelve months of mutual journey was culminated on Wednesday 27.11. approx. 7 p.m. when the world’s first Jolla phone was sold to a customer. The atmosphere at the event was off the roof. It was nice to see such a large gathering of media buzzing around the DNA <3 Jolla tent. We at DNA highly value the possibility of being involved in building the next Finnish success story with such a great potential.

    DNA has been involved in the development process of the phone, bringing in the end-user viewpoint to maximize the user-friendliness. Personally I’m extremely satisfied with the gesture based Sailfish operating system that runs smoothly. Jolla is a perfect match for those who want to stand out from the masses with a handset that can be modified to match the user’s preferences.

    The Sailfish that is running inside the Jolla is a Beta-version, which will be developed further from the feedback given by the users – the way every successful company should do, source feedback from your customer crowd and develop your business accordingly.

    Jolla is also a specimen of not doing everything on their own. It runs Android applications and Nokia maps are also included. They have so to say “picked the raisins out of the buns” to bring the best parts of others available to Jolla users, while they differentiate themselves from the competitors with the intuitive Sailfish OS. This is what DNA is also aiming for with our partnerships. We want to provide our customers the best services and distinctive added value through co-operations with these innovative companies, Jolla being an example of this.

    Although DNA’s way of operating is fast and flexible, it has once again been an eye-opening experience to see the intensity and the startup-mindset how Jolla is working towards their mutual dream. If every Finnish company would operate with such intensity towards their goals, only the sky would be the limit for our future success stories.

    As a conclusion from our co-operations with Jolla, a simple recipe for success can be drawn – intensity of working towards mutual dreams, right partners, innovations that enhance the business and continuous improvement fueled by the users’ feedback. When these are in place, and it’s time to showcase the accomplishments, it should be done with head high and with pride. This is precisely what we did together with Jolla and the first customers at Narinkkatori, when the worlds’ first Jolla phone reached the hands of its customer.

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