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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Denmark's Swipes voted top 3 startups built off Evernote platform

If you can’t beat them, should you join them? We get press releases weekly about new to-do apps or productivity trackers, but most seem to require you to change up your workflow to keep your productivity tracker up to date. Despite that, many of us are living within popular productivity products like Evernote every day, which is convenient and gets the job done, but is still a mess. For those of you working in Evernote already, Danish startup Swipes seems to nicely bridge between your current workflow, while still making you more productive.

On a basic level, Swipes connects to your Evernote account and plugs in to the check boxes you might put in a big to-do note, or scattered around all of your notes. With the app connected to your account, you can then check off to-do’s on the go, or add in more tasks as you think of them to the proper note. The app puts a big emphasis on planning, so you can set goals for the work day and work week to knock out tasks when they should be done.

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The app has gotten attention in the right places – they recently were publicly voted through Evernote’s Platform Awards (not thanks to us, they contacted us at the start of the the voting) but they got through, and now will be presenting at EC4, the Evernote Conference, as one of the the three best startups built on Evernote.

“We aim to become the center for your tasks – no matter where they come from! Evernote is our first step towards this vision and we’re very happy to see it’s been received so well.” says Kasper Pihl Tornøe, CEO of Swipes. “Nowadays traditional planning doesn’t work. Our tasks are not on paper or on a task list. They are in emails, calls, meetings, and notes. We live in a virtual mess and to clean it up we’re building Swipes that will collect all your tasks and put them in a nice timeline where it’s easy to find and take action on the priorities.”

Since launching June of 2013 they’ve counted over 100,000 users. While officially counting Denmark as their home, the Swipes team is located in Denmark, Bulgaria and Brazil.

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