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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Norwegian startup secures $5.1 million to expand AI-powered app builder for non-technical users

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Oslo-based startup Databutton has raised $5.1 million in seed funding from Skyfall Ventures and Maki.vc. The online platform with an AI-powered assistant empowers people, even those without technical knowledge, to easily create interactive web applications. The funding will be directed towards expediting the development of Databutler, their AI-assisted tool, to transition it from beta to a fully functional product, enhancing its features and user experience, and fundamentally changing how businesses create and distribute AI-powered applications.

Databutton was founded in 2021 by unicorn alumni Trygve Karper, Martin Røed, and Viral Shah. The three founders met while working at industrial data platform company Cognite, where they saw firsthand how difficult it was for data scientists and analysts to turn ideas into tools that could be used by other employees.

They wanted to build a platform where technical knowledge or skills weren’t a barrier to entry, in a bid to fuel innovation and creativity. This is key in helping to close the gender and diversity gaps seen across the tech and business sectors. It is also important to be prioritising and encouraging innovation to help fuel economic growth.

Databutton’s early use cases highlight the versatility of its tools and the creativity within its growing community, encompassing freelancers, agency professionals, and data scientists in various sectors. These applications include a diabetes web app for medication reminders and dietary guidance, a sleep apnea chatbot, a blog post generator with content quality assessment, university student discussion platforms, government bots for regulatory inquiries, an e-commerce gardening site with an AI assistant, a trading system with company and portfolio data, and a micro-mobility app for business intelligence. These examples demonstrate Databutton’s wide-ranging utility and its ability to empower users across different industries.

The platform has nearly 5,200 registered users who have built almost 6,400 web applications and counting since January. The funding will be used to accelerate the development of Databutton’s AI-assisted Databutler with a view to leaving beta and going live later this year.

Trygve Karper, co-founder and CEO of Databutton said: “We’re excited to have secured this funding, which will allow us to bring Databutton to market and revolutionize the way businesses create and share AI apps. Our AI-assisted product will empower anyone with domain knowledge and ideas to unleash their inner superheroes, enabling them to build amazing productivity tools in record time.”

Espen Malmo, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Skyfall Ventures, said: “We believe Databutton has the potential to democratize the data science discipline. With their AI-powered workspace, both adept data scientists and professionals with less coding experience can create insightful and shareable apps. We’re excited to be a part of Databutton’s journey toward helping all businesses to leverage the power of data.”

Paavo Räisänen, Partner at Maki.vc, said: “Business decision making is better when it is backed by insights from data based on operations. Databutton is putting power in the hands of people to build the tools they need to make their work better and we’re excited to be supporting them as they start their journey.”

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