Danish Relink raises $1 mln seed

Danish startup Relink has raised $1 million seed round as it is seeing increasing demand from prospective customers and investors.

“The HR Tech market is red hot and 2017 is the year to capitalize on it; scaling Sales and R&D activities to meet existing and future demand,” the firm said in a statement.

Relink’s technology reads and augments a job description, allowing it to screen incoming applicants and break down their suitability for specific jobs in terms of skills, experience and educational fit.


Relink uses machine learning to grasp the concepts surrounding job positions and how to screen incoming applicants in order to improve the hiring process. Its capabilities come from the intersection between methods from natural language processing, graph theory, recommender systems, and machine learning.

Having read millions of CV’s, Relink’s technology has domain knowledge about almost any job role out there. This knowledge is represented in graphs that connect occupations, skills and education, based on upwards of 20 million CVs.