Danish Opbeat Acquired By Elastic

Opbeat and Elastic released a joint blog post about the acquisition. The 15 employees at Opbeat already joined forces with the Elastic team.

“We’ve been happy users of the Elastic Stack for monitoring our infrastructure metrics and logs, and are excited about being a part of the team that extends the Elastic Stack to application-level metrics. We think that APM is a perfect extension of the Elastic Stack. “, says Rasmus Makwarth and Ron Cohen, founders of Opbeat in a blogpost at their site. 

Shay Banon, CEO of Elastic, says:

“Our users (Blizzard, Goldman Sachs, NetSuite, and Sprint to name a few) have validated that core belief in the IT operations space by using Elastic products to gain real-time insights from infrastructure logs and metrics, at a petabyte scale. Application performance data is the natural next step in the journey, and joining forces with Opbeat will allow us to accelerate innovation in the APM space for our users.”

Opbeat, founded in 2013, and with multiple local angels as backers, aims to build the next-generation APM solution for developers. Opbeat focuses on monitoring applications written in Javascript. What’s more, it maps production application issues directly to the relevant developer source code, making it easier to fix the problem without having to hunt in the code to find the problem area.

Elastic has offices all over the world, but mainly in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Mountain View, California. They are best known for Elasticsearch, an open source search tool that runs on some of the world’s biggest properties including Wikipedia, Yelp and eBay.

Opbeat will remain in Copenhagen and the team has said the service will not change.

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Author: Maria Grönlund, @MaryGronlund