Creating Silence With Active Noise Cancellation

    QuietOn launches Indiegogo campaign for electronic noise cancelling earplugs.

    Oulu-based QuietOn is targeting in the global market with their unique electronic earplugs. The plugs are built on active noise cancellation technology as well as passive acoustic attenuation. In comparison to ordinary earplugs, this technology reduces the low frequency sounds that other earplugs are not able to address.

    “Our earplugs are particularly useful while sleeping, traveling, or working in open plan offices and other noisy environments, such as in factories. QuietOn earplugs will help you relax and focus when in a noisy and stressful environment,” describes Janne Kyllönen, the founder of QuietOn.

    The earplugs are cordless and they can be easily recharged with a standard USB-charger. Kyllönen tells that they have achieved with the small and easy-to-use product even 50 hours of operation time between charges:

    “The starting point has been that even if our device is small, its performance must be on the same level as the best products on the market.”

    The company has completed their product development process and testing of the first prototypes, and they are planning to start mass production in Europe this spring after finishing their Indiegogo campaign.

    The earplug set includes a small carry case so they can be easily carried in a pocket for instance. Photo: QuietOn