Copygram Sets Up First Swedish Instagram Gallery to Promote Printing

For millions of users Instagram is the app of choice for global image sharing. Everyone contributes in their own way, so among the stereotypical images of food, cats and duck facing teens we can also see real pearls made by professional photographers or simply astounding amateur pictures taken by someone who was at the right place on the right moment.

Instagram images are clearly dear to many, which is why there’s dozens of companies to choose from, if for some reason one has the need to get that personally important image framed or printed. To name a few bigger Instagram printer firms out there you could check out Printstagram, PostalPix and CanvasPop.

While most of those firms roam the american dream, there’s no need to go that far West to get your Instagram pictures printed out since Copygram does exactly same on the spot from Sweden.

Copygram offers instagram printing services with a promise of Swedish artisan quality. Their repertoire consists of basic squared images in sets of 36, framed pictures, posters as well as contact cards. Prices range from $19, $49, $59 and $16 respectively. A neat detail about the pics is that each picture contains the @username, time stamp, number of likes, the latitude and longitude coordinates and the right caption for each photo.

As a promotional campaign to get more attention towards this fairly new trend, Copygram has set up the first Swedish Instagram exhibition in Kale’i, a coffee shop located in Gothenburg. Benjamin Bergh, the first of the many Instagrammers to be featured in the gallery will kick off the exhibition with a laid back set of 24 pictures.

Above and below you can see a few of the “photograms” displayed. I can’t help but notice that there’s a picture of a cat, some food and a purse alongside an iPad. I guess Bergh took an approach that makes any Instragrammer feel like they’re home.