Kontena raises funding, launches

Finnish developer tools maker Kontena raised funding from Lifeline Ventures for entering the market and initial scaling of the company and business.

Kontena is building a developer-friendly container and microservices platform, saying it is quick to install, easy to use and runs at any scale on any infrastructure, be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid. It did not unveil the size of investment.

“We invest in companies that we are passionate about and that we believe we can help. With the radical shift in the developer landscape, this technology is a hot commodity, and we are committed to helping Kontena realize its vision of making container capabilities available for businesses of all sizes,” Petteri Koponen, partner and founder of Lifeline Ventures, said in a statement.

New technology

More and more organizations are looking to container technology to solve some of the most difficult challenges in software development distribution.

Kontena says many of the biggest names in the container platform space are aimed at massive systems that are difficult to install, use and maintain.

“Our mission is to create the most developer-friendly, open source platform for running containerized apps and microservices. We want to make it possible for all developers around the world to take advantage of this amazing technology by making it more accessible and easy to use,” said Miska Kaipiainen, chief executive officer and co-founder at Kontena.