Construction collaboration app Geniebelt launches worldwide

    GenieBelt has launched their mobile-based collaboration app for construction companies world-wide. The app will help workers and managers access construction information, including drawings and schedules, online across any computer or mobile device. Unlike other providers which sometimes offer a free 30-day trial for a basic level of service, the fully-featured GenieBelt service is available from the outset and will be free, forever the company says.


    GenieBelt is a service developed by the 16-strong team in Copenhagen, and led by Gari Nickson. Gari explains the reasoning behind their product:

    “First, current widely-used collaboration platforms were designed primarily for desktop and laptop use, whereas GenieBelt has been expressly developed to work on mobile devices.”

    “Second, our competitors tend to target larger businesses and bigger projects. The simpler needs of the smaller contractor, subcontractor and tradespeople working on modest projects are often overlooked, and yet they make up the bulk of the construction industry’s workforce.”

    “Third, rival systems are not attractively priced to small- and medium-sized businesses. In an industry notorious for low margins, charging to use collaboration tools reduces profits. GenieBelt is free. It costs nothing to start using it and to keep using it, and the efficiency savings it enables will boost profits. And we are committed to keeping it free forever.”

    A feature which further differentiates GenieBelt from other systems is “Beats”. Instead of relying on email notifications, “Beats” provides a transparent, shared discussion space – similar to the conversation features on some social media platforms – so that authorised users are quickly notified and can easily join and track discussions about issues that are directly relevant to them.


    GenieBelt provides a high level of functionality at no cost to the contractor or to subcontractors or end-users, which Gari believes will encourage adoption. The web platform is supported across all common smartphones and tablets (there is also a native Apple iOS app, with an Android version coming soon). Accessing GenieBelt via a desktop or laptop will allow easy upload of project information from local hard-drives or network shared folders, so that the information is then available to all authorised project users. Information cannot be accidentally deleted or over-written, and GenieBelt has invested heavily in creating a user interface that is simple, logical and intuitive to use even if working out on-site wearing protective equipment.

    The area of B2B focusing on construction companies is getting attention from other startups as well. Just recently Fieldly announced a round of funding as well. GenieBelt itself got a small funding round one year ago. Will be very interesting to see the progress of startups in this area.

    This article is in collaboration with Øresund Startups, originally by Karsten Deppert and covers news about startups and events from the startup scene. You can follow them at @Oresundstartups.