Have an IT problem? Itewiki categorizes Finnish IT firms

When working in any sort of administrative body or getting your hands dirty in management or just typing away as a media footsoldier, you’ll find that we all share one point in common; electronic devices revolving around data. To be honest, working pretty much anywhere these days requires some kind of an IT department. Public or private, huge or small, it rarely makes any difference; Information and technology is the very definition of a basic building block of our economics, and that’s why IT is an industry withholding countless of professions, each providing services for very specific needs.

Today’s question is; How do get a hold of the right IT guys you need?

Helsinki-based Itewiki is, as the name implies, the wikipedia for professional IT companies. With an open source, free to use and rather unique database their website is where damsels in distress (maybe not) and companies in need of IT know-alls will quickly find what they’re looking for.

The way the data is submitted, organized and accessed in Itewiki is nothing new. Many of us use its gigantic founding father, Wikipedia, on a regular basis, so the format is somewhat familiar to us all.

Companies, or just as much their individual employees as there are no restrictions as to who can submit a company into the database, simply fill out a form with all basic information concerning the company. Next, Itewiki produces the company a profile, which, according to the website, shouldn’t take more than a day. The profile consists of two “sub profiles”; the basic info tile and the actual wall of the company. The basic info is what end users will see once they get their search results and the wall contains all the rest (references, previous customers, videos, links to the site and any additional updates, which could be blog posts and so forth).

Itewiki really offers a much more attractive alternative for b2b sales, both for the IT firms and their potential/future customers as well. The site is free to use, though plus- and premium accounts help subscribed companies gain more visibility and jump up the list in search results, but even this aspect is neutralized if the user deselects premium listing in the searchfield.

Itewiki is working hard to round up as many Finnish IT companies so it could provide companies with the best and largest professional IT firm profile database out there. They’re the official partner of The Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association, and The Finnish Information Processing Association, so their key stakeholders here have accepted them fast as the standard marketplace.

As mentioned, the service is fully free, so give it a look, search and submit! Please note that the portal is only available in Finnish for now.