Climb Walls, Drink Beer And Travel On Monorails Thanks To Crowdfunding

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to bring you crowdfunding options in the region.

    Just last night Climbstation successfully reached their investment goals. This is the second company in addition to NetOutlet to complete their equity crowdfunding goals through Invesdor. Climbstation is already a recognized company that is disrupting the wall climbing industry by allowing for a rotating wall that can fit anywhere. Removing the need for ropes, harnesses, instructors and extremely high ceilings. They are looking for financing in order to introduce one more model, expand on marketing, go to worlds biggest exhibitions and finding distributions channels, while lowering production costs. They have reached their minimum goal of EUR 50 000 last night and there are still 2 days to go. So if you want to be a shareholder in Climbstation, you can still invest. They are looking to secure a maximum of EUR 90 000.

    This was definitely good news for the Helsinki based Invesdor that is starting to show traction with crowdfunding investors. Of course you need a great selection of companies in order to find one that you are willing to invest into and today they also announced two new projects: Bryggeri and Bubblemotion.

    Bryggeri is a company that is aiming to open a brewery restaurant in the heart of Helsinki. You heard us right, you can become an owner of a beer restaurant. Whether that will grant you unlimited beers was not mentioned, but you will be a part of the “owners club” that promises unique benefits to its members. Restaurants is a tough business but bear in mind that the Tallinn based Beer House, which is in essence the same concept, is extremely profitable and always packed. Who does not want to enjoy a mug of freshly brewed beer? We have also recently been to Tech Chill Baltics, where we were introduced to Valmiermuiza Brewery, which is likewise a profitable and successful brewery business with startup roots. So it is definitely something that is in high demand. You can read Bryggeri’s full pitch here (In Finnish).

    If having your own beer is not enough, here is something which might spike your interest – transportation system of the future: Bubblemotion. A modular, robust and most importantly cheap mono-rail transportation system. Their goal is to lead public transportation towards a completely carbon neutral era, calling themselves a “People-Planet-Profit” startup. The good news is that the construction cost per kilometer are less than that of public transportation – trams/metro/trains and the operating cost per passenger is comparable to that of a bus with no waiting times, or traffic jams. Here is a video pitch:

    To invest, you can check out the Invesdor BubbleMotion pitch here.