Business Books In Under 30 Minutes

Thirty-minute MBA is bridging the gap between science and business practises.

30minMBA is an award-winning Swedish company with an international team from background in business, academia and tech. Thirty-minute MBA, as the name implies, aims to deliver summaries of business books that can be read in under 30 mins – which might otherwise take you 8 hours to read and to absorb the knowledge – in a form of the mobile app. Whether you are sitting at home or commuting to work, you can access the app and learn on-the-go. The idea is to provide perfect summaries, from a variety of different books.

The app was made for B2B perspective in mind, meaning a company buys the app subscription and gives out accounts to employees. Employer can track performance and learning through the account while providing employees with the chance to bolster their skills, as well as develop new ones.

During the initial setup, the app asks you to put in for instance your strengths, weaknesses and topics you are interested in. Basically, all personalized information in order to provide the best summary recommendations. Even with closely matched parameters from two different people, they may end up having different recommendations, for instance due to their goals. That’s how accurate recommendations should be.

Summaries are presented in audio format. They are made in an actionable and listenable way to be engaging and entertaining to listen to. When you are done listening to the summary, you are given an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve just learned. At the end of everything, the app displays from where the material was taken and the price – so you can later purchase it if you want to read more.

As always, I’m pretty sure you’re interested in details of the such application, like monetization and support.

Since application is aimed at B2B and is targeting specific segment, an internal statistics of phone usage in companies has been used to determine first supported platform. Majority is using iOS devices at work according to said reports, so support for iOS naturally comes in first, with Android to follow. Both, tablet and smartphone devices are supported.

The app itself is free, but subscription is required to use it. 30minMBA has a few bullet prices to choose from, but you can always contact directly for personalized package that suits your news.

However, the app itself is in closed beta and you cannot get it publicly. You can sign up for the test on 30minMBA website for now, until public stable release.