P2P Delivery service Bringrs receives angel investment

    The new Copenhagen-based Startup Bringrs receives initial funding from Jesper Søgaard and Christian Dam Rasmussen, the founders of bettercollective.com. The investment is said to be in the six-figured euro size.

    Jesper and Christian will not be operationally engaged, but will aid from the sidelines with strategic review and advice – as helpful hands with +10 years experience in online marketing and business development.


    Bringrs is a P2P delivery service – a platform allowing you to post transportation tasks and subsequently receive bids from people and companies. Upon reviewing incoming bids, the user can choose the one that suits best, both in terms of price and timing. Bringrs draws on the ‘sharing economy’ trend, where vacant capacity is utilized by organizing demand/supply online, in an easy and accessible way.

    Simply explained you can earn money by delivering other people stuff on the route or at the destination you were going anyway. Besides earning some extra money you do a good deed as well.

    Bringrs’ services will be available via a responsive website with computer- and tablet screen compatibility, and via native apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones. Initially launching their website in mid March and with their apps following in mid-April.


    Bringrs collaborate with First Marine to provide a mandatory insurance for each task performed in the system as a way of insuring it’s users that they can trust the service Bringrs. But trust will also be build thru using the service itself:

    “We suspect we’ll see that when we connect people online and put faces on our users, trust will be an integral part of the ‘Bringrs-experience’. We forsee a great deal of caring and responsibility between users when they manage other peoples stuff. There’s sorta this karma thing behind our service – you get what you receive. And we hope our users will embrace that notion.” says co-founder Rune Hugo

    The team behind Bringrs consists of Daniel MariussenRune Hugo N. Pedersen and Mads Emil Dalsgaard. They are ambitious, and the goal is to conquer the Danish market as fast as possible and they are already looking towards neighbouring european countries.

    This article is in collaboration with Øresund Startups, originally by Karsten Deppert and covers news about startups and events from the startup scene. You can follow them at @Oresundstartups.