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Blueberry Wall connects long distance relationships through printed photos

The age of the Internet of Things is upon us, and nowadays nearly any noun can be found on a crowdfunding platform with the ability to connect it to the internet. You might think it would be tough to throw the world wide web into printed framed photos, but Patrik Koze and Kaviraj Murugesan in Tartu, Estonia sees an opportunity in long distance relationships.

Blueberry Wall looks like your standard picture – a block of nine frames laid out in squares like what the Instagram generation would print out and hang on their wall. But behind it is a little more tech – through Blueberry Wall’s app, you can tap one of the pictures causing the physical picture at your loved one’s house to light up.

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“We feel that printed photos have a romantic quality, a nostalgic touch that digital photos lack. They feel real and they are made to last” Kaviraj Murgesan, co-founder of the Blueberry Wall said. “That’s why we hid all the technology inside so that at the outside it simply remains what it is: A photo.”

The app also lets you link messages to any of the photos, which only unlock on the partner’s phone once the wall is touched. As another feature to make the distance feel shorter, you can also send chocolate to your loved one through the app, which will be delivered to their house.

It’s like Yo, but for pictures.

The product came out of Kloz’s own experience in a long distance relationship. “It’s hard for couples to be separated, especially for the 40% of American college couples who spend many years apart in different states,” he points out.

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