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Swedish Bionamic raises €350K to propel AI-driven biopharma solutions and expands European operations ahead

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Bionamic, a Lund-based startup focusing on AI and data-driven solutions for biopharma teams, has raised €350K (SEK 4 million) in funding. The investment comes from VC firm I Love Lund, as well as existing investors LU Holding and Fårö Capital. Bionamic’s platform aims to streamline data management in the development of biological drugs, enhancing research efficiency. With recent client acquisitions in Switzerland and Canada, the startup plans to use the funding to expand its operations in Europe and achieve break-even by 2025.

Bionamic was founded in 2019 with a mission to revolutionize antibody research by providing the best platform in the world for this purpose. The company was established by experts in life science, theoretical physics, and software development, who identified a crucial need for better software solutions in biopharma. Bionamic’s platform is designed to streamline the antibody discovery and development process, offering unparalleled access and control over vital research data. The software addresses the frustrations faced by researchers in organizing and analyzing development data, offering a solution that is built on true biological concepts and relations. Bionamic aims to expedite the process of discovery and development in antibody research, ultimately leading to groundbreaking discoveries and new therapies that improve the lives of millions.

“In Bionamic, there is the competence and potential whose innovative power can be combined with sales-focused strength. This will be able to deliver both good value development and benefit for Lund. Our contribution of capital and network competencies should make a difference in Bionamic,” says I Love Lund’s CEO Björn Englund.

“Bionamic benefits greatly from the university and the local biotech scene. Having I Love Lund on the list of owners further strengthens our ties to the local ecosystem and we look forward to being able to reach out with our concept to even more interested parties,” says Dr. Anders Carlsson, Bionamic’s CEO and founder.

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