Assembling A Team Aka Squad Goals

Research shows that risk is one of the biggest hurdles to an increase in female ownership. It also shows that role models – people similar to you – work. I am a textbook example of this! Today I am one of four female founders of a TalentTech startup. But how did I, possibly the most risk averted person ever, find myself here?

In my previous role as comms manager of SUP46, I was privileged enough to work in a world-class startup ecosystem, closely with many of what will probably be Sweden’s next success stories.

Seeing their struggles had a deterring impact – but nothing was more inspiring than seeing their hard work pay off. Reaching milestones and making a positive impact on society as a direct result of their visions and efforts.

After 3,5 years of seeing women not all that different from myself either succeed or survive setbacks, I was surprised to realize that I was starting to imagine myself as a founder. The remaining question, of how to minimize risk but also maximize happiness along the way, was of course – with who?

Countless times I’ve heard the phrase “Team is everything”. Initially mainly from investors but I think it’s safe to say that they have managed to cement that truth into everyone. Every. Single. Person. Who has ever. In any way. Been involved in the startup scene. Amen.

More often than not when my mind wanders this way I think of an exact quote Henrik Grim (Northzone) dropped a year or so ago.

“Shit will hit the fan and at that point, you need to be confident the team will stand strong.”

I considered this, and the general importance of working with people whom you know you can trust in business and on a personal level. People that you truly know, and who know you too. Who have the same values, the same morale, and the same vision but most importantly cares about you as an individual.

And with this in mind. The answer to the question of who I would want to embark on a startup journey together with was crystal clear.

Having had the immense privilege to have worked with all of my three co-founders previously, and stood in a fair share of shitstorms with them, both in the office and in “real life”, I feel equal measures of relief and excitement when I think about what we have in front of us.

It won’t be a smooth ride but I am certain we will have each other’s backs. And (perhaps most importantly) will still be able to laugh, even when there is shit flying left, right and center.

So. Jessica, Linda & Sanna. Here’s to our founding team, and to our baby –


About the Author

Elin Hammarberg is the CXO and co-owneress of MatchingID. She has been doing tech PR, for giants and startups, since 2009 and spent the last years as Comms Mgr of SUP46.