ArcticEvening Copenhagen – A Full House Of Excitement

    We had another amazing ArcticEvening event yesterday. This time we were at Copenhagen Denmark gathering local startups together to spread their love and tell the community about their products. The event ended up being on the eve of Reboot conference and needless to say we had wonderful time with many people in town for both events. A full house of passionate people either interested in entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs themselves.

    We had altogether 16 startups presenting, each having 3 minutes to tell how they’re planning on changing the world. And so they did. We filmed all of them and are now busy editing the footage, and will pushed it out to you guys as soon as we have the videos ready. It was a great evening and I had a blast. Thank you Copenhagen!

    Before we get the videos out, here are captions that Paula got on film.

    Here’s some other coverage of the event that touches the companies that presented by Johan Lange (live report here) and Fredrik Stenbeck (here in Swedish).

    Our sponsors who made it possible for the 16 startups to get their voice out

    Our event is made possible by our Sponsors. Do take time to get to know them – they are one of the most interesting organisations in the industry. We hand pick our sponsors to bring value to the evenings – these guys are truly worth your time.


    sombizSombiz is a Social Media Business Network of Finnish social media & Web 2.0 companies, research institutions, and other organisations and individuals operating in the field of social media.

    Sombiz provides a network for organisations to collaborate, learn from each other, and create partnerships. By connecting business with research Sombiz is stimulating the creation of new innovations. The ultimate goal for Sombiz is to find new business opportunities and help companies to grow and go international.

    Sombiz operates as a thematic network of the Finnish Digibusiness Cluster and is a part of the government funded Centre of Expertise Programme (OSKE). In 2008 the building of the Sombiz network was selected as the national “OSKE Top Project”. The project is funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

    The background organisation of Sombiz is Technology Centre Hermia Ltd.

    Sombiz is a Finnish-based network operating internationally. The strategy of Sombiz is a “BUGC” approach: linking Business, Universities, Government, and Communities in order to build and boost the social media business ecosystem.

    Hammarström Puhakka Partners

    Hammarström Puhakka PartnersHammarström Puhakka Partners, Attorneys Ltd is a law firm specialised in business law. The firm has a good corporate practice with experienced M&A advisers acting constantly for domestic and cross-border clients. Specialists provide M&A services to public and private companies relating to assignments concerning private equity and venture capital transactions. The firm is constantly involved with complex transactions in connection with private equity firms and experienced in advising private equity/venture capital investors in divesting their investments.

    Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Nikolaj Nyholm

    Thomas and Nikolaj are among other things angel investors and very active players in the startup market. They want to support the Copenhagen ArcticEvening and create value for the whole industry. You can follow them on twitter or read their blogs.

    tmmlift_bigger Thomas
    nikolaj Nikolaj