AR meets eyewear: Finland’s Pixieray emerges from stealth mode with $4.4 mln seed round

Pixieray, whose founders include some of the key members of VR startups Varjo, introduced its pioneering optical solution to eyeglasses and unveiled $4.4 million seed funding.

Pixieray’s adaptive eyeglass lens solution constantly adjusts the focal point, applying the ideal correction. This reduces eye strain and substantially increases user comfort compared with traditional eyeglass lenses which have fixed focal points.

“The company’s first product will enable people with a farsighted eyeglass prescription to read and work with optimal vision, removing cumbersome multifocals and the need to switch eyeglasses. Optical strength can be adjusted by the wearer over time to match changes in their vision.  Pixieray technology also significantly increases the clear field of view compared to multifocal lenses.”

the company said in a statement

The funding came from and First Fellow, Amazon Alexa Fund, firstminute capital, David Helgason, Ilkka Paananen, John Lindfors and Bragiel Brothers.

“Pixieray has a world-class team with track records in solving complex technology problems on behalf of customers,” said Paul Bernard, Director, Amazon Alexa Fund. “The team has a compelling vision (pardon the pun) for advancing the state of the art in corrective eyewear in a way that moves computing to the background and makes it truly ambient.” 

“Pixieray lenses truly enable the full potential of an individual’s corrected vision,” said Rebecca Xu, COO of Pixieray. “Our technology is deeply rooted in the way we comprehend the world through our vision and enables us to use our eyes as nature intended. As a first step, our lenses will provide a wide and dynamic clear field of view for near and intermediate distance, addressing the limitations of today’s progressive lenses.”