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AppGyver Prototyper Quickly Gets Interactive Mockups Onto Devices

If you’re a project manager or designer trying to sell an app concept to your customers, you’ve probably learned a customer’s reaction to a concept is completely different when it’s just a few pictures on a presentation screen or if it’s a functional app they can test out for themselves. Interactive marketing is always better, so that’s what Helsinki and San Francisco-based AppGyver is offering with their new product, Prototyper.

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Developers or designers just have to upload their existing wireframes, mockups, or photoshop images online to the AppGyver Prototyper. The service then allows you to add buttons to the place where you drew them, and give them basic functionality like moving back and forth through screens, using transition animations, or even take advantage of native hardware features, like the camera.

Once you’re done with your blueprint, Prototyper builds it in the cloud and spits out a QR code for you to scan with the Prototyper app. And there you have it – a “working” prototype of your app to show off-

You can easily share these projects as well, which co-founder Henri Vähäkainu explains, “Your customers could be half-way around the world but as long as they have the app and the QR code you can ask them, ‘is this something you would like?’ and you can start developing it. The process is very simple.”

AppGyver released Prototyper just last week, but has been demoing it with larger customers like TWBAHelsinki as well as smaller digital agencies and startups. Vähäkainu explains that some smaller startups have been using it as well to better communicate ideas in-house, or to show demos to investors.

Prototyping your apps is all good and well, but becomes even cooler once you understand AppGyver’s bigger picture. They’re currently developing a bigger HTML5 Hybrid app development platform called AppGyver Steroids, which allows web developers to make fast and powerful apps for smartphones. Prototyper is the first product released and if you have your wireframes loaded into Prototyper, you can then move those over to Steroids and start developing it, for example.

Pricing is free for up to three views to transition between, while unlimited views and more native features – like storage – are added in additional pricing plans. An Android version is coming later, which is trickier due to all the possible screen size combinations.

Last July AppGyver announced a $1 million funding round. Today they’re based between Helsinki and San Francisco.

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