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Anvia acquires 25% stake in Varaani

Finnish ICT service provider Anvia announces it has acquired a 25% stake in Tampere-based Varaani Works, a company specialized in data storage and content sharing. In Finnish varaani means “count on me”, but also means “monitor lizard”, so take that as you will.

Varaani Works’ product is the Varaani Cloud Hub that puts together local storage, online backup, and cloud sharing. It’s more hybrid cloud than a straight dropbox competitor; the data itself is stored to the local device but files can also be backed up to the cloud if the user wishes. Additionally Varaani plugs in with Time Machine and Windows Backup for easy cloud backup.

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To put it all together they claim a patent-pending innovation in online backup efficiency to balance large storage capacity with a very small data center footprint. Rather than selling it themselves, they’ve been white-labeling their solution to Finnish IT service providers.

”Digital content storage and remote access usage is growing explosively. Not only for the business users, but also for the consumers, who want to ensure the safe storage of their photos and videos currently in their PCs or mobile phones and who want to access their content with all their devices. Not everybody wants to send their priceless digital content to some unknown location provided by some global faceless company. We believe strongly in Varaani’s product and decided to invest in the continuing development by joining as the biggest shareholder of the company”, says CEO of Anvia, Mika Vihervuori.

With the investment clearly the companies will be working together. Anvia will become a channel partner for Varaani focusing initially on Finland, and will be looking for opportunities to expand to outside markets.

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