After 138 Year of Phones, Truecaller Makes Dialling Intelligent

    After picking up a massive $60 million from names like Sequoia and Atomico, Truecaller has announced a big update to their android app in order to make dialling and calling more intelligent and useful. The updated app is part of a broader move to make their platform your way to make every call, rather than just a “who the hell was that?” number lookup.

    It has basically been about 140 years since the invention of the phone and the very first phone call. All of this time, there was no real intelligence in calling, until now. The keyword for the new app is “predictive” – they order your contacts based on who you’re normally calling during that time of day and where you are – so if you’re usually calling home after work, then that’s the contact you should see first. The more you use it, the smarter the app will get, so you no longer have to scroll though tabs or “recent calls” to find your buddy’s number.

    Additionally the app will allow you to search within your contacts as well as Truecaller’s massive directory of 1.5 billion contacts, so you’ll hopefully be able to find all the relevant people you’re looking to call.

    “This is the first step we are taking to make Truecaller more intelligent and personal. We’ve made these advancement to save time for our users and make their lives less complicated when they want to get in touch with someone,” said Alan Mamedi, Co-Founder & CEO of Truecaller. “Our ambition is to make your mobile phone smarter and become part of your mobile daily habits.”

    This openness makes me a little jealous I have an iPhone, whose closed system makes this kind of update for dialling impossible for companies like Truecaller to leverage. I think everything from dealing to my public transportation app could get a little smarter about what I’m going to do next, so it’s good to see some innovation in this space.

    Top Image Courtesy of Shuttestock // Old Phone