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Swedish Aerit teams up with foodora and Tele2 to launch drone delivery services in Europe

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Stockholm-based sustainable drone delivery startup Aerit has teamed up with foodora and Tele2 to push forward the use of drone delivery across Europe. The partnership means that from May, people in Värmdö Kommun can use their foodora accounts to request drone deliveries by Aerit, using Tele2’s connectivity. These deliveries will be conducted over distances where the drone is not visible, providing quick access to goods and services for approved households within Aerit’s coverage area of 100 square kilometers. Aerit’s drones, called Nimbi, are designed to carry up to 4kg and can pick up and drop off packages without needing additional infrastructure. The goal of this partnership is to improve the drone delivery service and make it easier for people to get what they need.

“We are thrilled to join forces with foodora and Tele2 to accelerate the adoption of drone delivery across Europe. Today’s announcement means our mission, to provide emission slashing access to goods and services by leveraging our cutting-edge drone courier networks, takes a leap into the future,” says Alexander Perrien, CEO of Aerit.

The delivery flights, conducted beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), provide on-demand access to goods and services for approved households within Aerit’s 100-square-kilometer coverage area.

“Drone delivery is here, and this partnership will provide the foundation for Aerit to scale at speed,” says Alexander Perrien, CEO of Aerit. “We look forward to enhancing the drone delivery experience with our partners and further increasing access to those in our coverage areas.”

“We are proud to be the first in Europe to launch drone deliveries for real, and we are happy to have Tele2 and Aerit as partners on this exciting journey. Our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding service and the latest technology to make it possible,” says Daniel Gustafsson Raba and continues;

“Fast home deliveries are a democratic issue in my opinion, wherever one is in the country, it should be possible to quickly get what one needs, such as medicines or groceries. It should not only be available to people who have chosen to settle in big cities,” concludes Daniel Gustafsson Raba, Logistics Manager at foodora.

“This marks a new era for how people can receive deliveries, and we believe that we may see more applications in other industries. For us at Tele2, the partnership with foodora is a perfect example of how we can use our 5G connectivity and expertise to drive future delivery services in a simple, sustainable, and smart way, while providing customers with an experience beyond the ordinary,” says Stefan Trampus, Head of Business Affairs at Tele2.

Aerit is an autonomous logistics network company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Aerit’s networks connect communities using it’s Nimbi drones. Aerit’s autonomous Nimbi delivery drones, designed and built by Aerit, are battery-powered with a max payload capacity of 4kg (10lbs). Nimbi features a proprietary winching system that allows for both package pick-up and drop-off without the need for supporting infrastructure. Aerit’s mission is the democratization of access to goods and services regardless of location, weather, time of day, or personal ability.

Since founding the company in January of 2021, Aerit’s milestones include regulatory approval for operations under the EASA SORA framework, and successful completion of Sweden’s first commercial drone delivery of food in October of 2021.

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