A Few Quick Updates On The MegaUpload Case (With Video)

    As a quick followup to the MegaUpload case, founder Kim Dotcom is still on bail awaiting a hearing on a US application to extradite him to face charges of infringing copyright on films and music, racketeering and money laundering. In his first interview after being released, Dotcom said, “I find it very surprising that this is happening because like I said we had legal advice all these years telling us that we are an online service provider and we are not liable for the actions of third parties.” The full video is embedded below. Dotcom holds dual citizenship in Finland and Germany, which is why we figure we can provide a quick update every now and then. 

    The Washington Post also recently reported that Kim Dotcom was granted residency in New Zealand on account of his financial holdings, which the Immigration officials believed outweighed his past criminal convictions in his native Germany. Criminal convictions usually disqualify potential immigrants from being granted residence.

    The immigration officials determined:

    “The applicant has already made a substantial economic contribution to New Zealand through his spending here and will make further investments. I consider that these benefits and potential benefits outweigh the negative aspects flowing from the applicant’s convictions.”