50 Beta Invites To JayCut's New Online Video Editor

    jaycutJayCut, the Swedish startup offering online video editing technology, can add another achievement on it’s list. They were recently selected as one of this years Red Herring 100 Europe winners. Congrats!

    Since we last talked to JayCut, they have been busy developing a new editor. Last weekend I attended a blogger and tech geek event in Sweden’s first nuclear reactor R1, and got a demo by Jonas Hombert, the CEO of JayCut.


    Jonas, CEO of JayCut

    So, what’s new in the editor?

    Firstly, the new editor is all built using Flex, an open source framework from Adobe. It’s a very robust framework that enhances both the developer and end user experience. With Flex the new editor feels very responsive and there’s hardly any noticeable delay while editing. It’s a really smooth experience and could easily be mistaken with a local application, only this one is in the cloud.

    Secondly, it includes a set of new cool text effects such as subtitles and tickers, improved full screen support and timeline with faster editing and streamlined workflow for multiple video, audio and effect tracks. It also has a much better support to add media from different devices without leaving the page.

    JayCut Gillette CampaignThe best part

    The new editor is still in closed beta and will be launched some time during this summer to the public. For those who can’t wait that long, we’ve now got you 50 exclusive beta invites to test drive the new editor. Leave a comment here and I will send you an invite right away. 

    Note: The very first campaign (white label) using the new editor has just been launched for Gillette by Procter & Gamble, so if you master Portuguese and/or Spanish, why not give it your best shot.


    Not only that the future of video editing lies in the cloud, Jonas revealed that they’re also working on an API to bring online video editing to a broader user base. Release is scheduled later this year, so be sure to check back later.