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4 Reasons Why Hollywood Celebs are Smarter on Instagram Than Brands

Yes, Hollywood celebs are smarter on Instagram compared to brands. The simple reason is that they’re popular faces, unlike brands. Fame and glamour give celebrities an advantage over corporate giants on social media apps like Instagram. Due to the visual richness of the platform, celebrities from the tinsel town are better on Instagram. However, celebrities do have a stake in social sites.

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According to an article published on the Hootsuite blog, movie stars and pop singers are business tycoons, running cosmetic product lines and wireless networks, and the face behind environment-friendly water enterprises. Celebrities are also great social media influencers, who promote sneakers and butterball turkeys!

In this article, we will walk you through a couple of the best celeb moves on Instagram, which brands can include in their social media strategies. Read on to learn more.

The caption has the power to make or ruin an Instagram image

Instagram is a great place for injecting humour, so are captions to delight your audience with a hard-hitting punch line. Use Instagram to incorporate context, create hype about something, as well as initiate a prompt.

If you take the example of Blake Lively, aka Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl fame, as well as, improbable menswear icon in just A Simple Favor. Blake also entered into matrimony with Ryan Reynolds. She did choose the perfect one.

Did you know famous Bollywood actor Tom Hanks has mastered the art of using Instagram caption when it comes to his dad-joke filled lost and found series? Posting humorous Instagram content sans a caption will look unusual.

A couple of celebrities are smart enough to give the job of writing interesting captions to their kids. Just Rob Lowe, whose IG feed is full of overwhelming captions from the actor’s sons. You need to visit Rob’s IG account to read the interesting captions.

Celebrities are full of internet humour

Doing something funny on Instagram is simpler than you imagine. Celebs do it and so are the big brands, though they learned this trick the hard way. When it comes to Hollywood’s funniest faces, they are aware that audience, delivery, tone, and timing matters much. The best example is Ryan Reynolds, the saucy dude of Deadpool, who also owns Aviation Gin.

The fast turnaround helped Ryan to earn great accolades from other funny celebrities, Jonathan Van of Queer Eye, who commented that it was the funniest, quickest, and the best thing to happen ever.

You can inject humour through your IG posts and buy 10 Instagram followers or more with time. Humour is memorable and the best way to evoke genuine fun and laughter, likes, and comments. If you still have doubts, look at Ryan’s IG posts that garnered 8,932 comments and viewed over 4.3 million times. These numbers are quite impressive, to be candid. You can, therefore, learn a lot from celeb Instagram accounts to take branding to the next level.

Celebs know how to take the audience behind the scenes

All of us want to know what is happening behind the curtain. It is simple human curiosity and celebrities how to trigger that in their audience. Be it the backstage drama behind the curtains of the renowned Academy Awards, or simply the uncensored glimpse of celeb’s daily lives, the movie stars and singers can delight their audience with special treatment by taking them behind the curtains. Of course, you remember the popular coffee dance of Jonathan Van Ness.

Brands and companies can embrace these ideas when it comes to product promotion. You can post some casual behind the scenes shots of a normal working day of your company, how employees are brainstorming, having fun during lunch break, and things like. Behind the scenes, Instagram content need not be too perfect. Additionally, you give your IG followers a tour of your special events, exhibitions, or for that matter, presentations.

The face matters

Instagram is a visual platform, where celebs and even people try their best to look pretty. When it comes to celebs and fashion models, they do it better than all others on Instagram do. If you take the example of Anna Speckhart, she is a model in the true sense of the word, her follower count increased from 50k followers to about 80k in very little time. Yes, she relied on her face-forward Instagram feed!

Then, IG selfies are not just about looking gorgeous because celebs have good looks and they have it in abundance. The face matters because your audience connects better with popular faces. Based on the findings of the Georgia Institute of Technology as well as Yahoo Labs, they proved that images having faces are 38 percent more probable to garner Instagram likes than any other kind of content.


Now that you know how celebs use smart tactics to boost their branding on Instagram, you too can make the most of these strategies to improve your online visibility through social media.

Photo by Riccardo Gazzin on Unsplash

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