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ZTE is one of the world’s largest device manufacturers and service providers to the mobile industry. In Q4 of 2011, ZTE became the fourth largest handset maker with 4,9% global market share. Today, ZTE and Rightware are announcing a partnership where by ZTE licenses Rightware’s Kanzi UI solution to their new range of Android smartphones.

The Kanzi UI solution consists of two product components: Kanzi Studio and the Kanzi Engine. The Kanzi Engine is part of the software platform on the device where as the Kanzi Studio is a stand-alone UI design software to create 3D user interfaces. Kanzi Studio works well with 3D content creation tools, such sas Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya and XSI and Blender.

“We’re very excited to announce ZTE Corporation licensing the Kanzi UI Solution. Our designers and engineers worked together with ZTE’s team and the results of this cooperation now boost ZTE in competing for the pole position in the global smartphone rally. Their latest Android smartphones powered with Kanzi 3D user interfaces significantly raise the bar for the competition,” said Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware.

To the question, how many phones with the Kanzi Solution does Sarkkinen expect ZTE to ship this year he replied, “according to some analysts, ZTE is expected to ship close to 40 million smartphones this year. While we naturally would like to be included in all of them, the realistic expectation though is less than that since our UIs are going to be included in the new models coming out gradually.”

Rightware has been working with ZTE for quite some time already and in the future they look forward to expanding their business with the China-based giant. As to which directions – Sarkkinen was unable to disclose anything just yet.

Rightware is an Espoo, Finland based company that generated a turnover of approximately €1.4 million in its founding year of 2010.

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