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Zipipop Prepares for Investments

Helene Auramo, Zipipop CEO, hinted ArcticStartup that the colorful Finnish start-up is finally preparing for taking in investments.

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Zipipop will head to San Francisco to present in Mobile 2.0 on the 3rd November after winning at the Mobile 2.0 Europe. This will also be a good change to kick-start the talks with potential investors on both sides of the Atlantic.

On a related note, we just heard that Zipiko CTO/CPO Stefano J. Attardi (Taro being the CTO of Zipipop in large) was approached by four(!) Bay Area startups to join their ranks. He interviewed with all of them but finally rejected all their offers to join Zipipop instead. Acrctic Startup congratulates Stefano for the choice.

Stefano told us that shortly after he joined Zipipop, Biz Stone, the Twitter co-founder, heard about him and asked him join Twitter. According to Stefano, Biz was “excited to speak to him” for a position as an interface designer and front-end developer. Stefano decided to turn down the offer.

Incidentally, another CEO wrote to him again last week renewing the offer he made earlier saying that they still haven’t found anyone as good as Stefano. Stefano prefers not to name all the start-ups in question.

Stefano further explains that the reason he turned down the San Francisco offers was because he wanted to start a project of his own and Zipiko gave him the possibility to do that. He started Zipiko as a collaboration with Zipipop Creative Director Richard von Kauffman.

Here’s Stefano on Technology Gazette Podcast talking about Zipiko service, how it compares to Twitter and what they have in plans for the future.

Below you can find Zipipop’s latest presentation (in Finnish).

Zipipop Portfolio 08

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: finland suomi)

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