Ziliot Launches Public Beta Of B2B Social Network

    Ziliot, the B2B social network, has just released its public beta. The Finnish startup has created a clean-looking mix between a business directory and social network, where for example a company on Ziliot could promote their products and contact information, connect with their network, and keep their network up-to-date by posting updates. Ziliot has aimed their service at enabling SMEs, professionals and government authorities between the developed countries and developing countries to find and interact with each others.

    With manufacturers, business related organizations, and research institutions all onboard, Ziliot believes each user is able to stay up to date with products information, find new opportunities, and get access to new businesses, and news about countries that you may have missed from traditional outlets or publications channels, which comes across as a great service for doing business in emerging economies.

    Setting up a profile was easy, and I enjoyed the overall web design. It actually looks good unlike the stuffy web design used in most services targeted to businesses.

    The team behind Ziliot include Aniekan Okono and Ted Kostov. The original founders met through Founder2be, a startup aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs find each other.