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Zerply is California based startup, that has its roots in Sweden and Estonia, through its co-founders. Zerply aims to be the best way to present yourself in a professional way. What they currently have available to the public, is bunch of very stylish profile pages which integrate relatively seamlessly to other online services. However, there’s a lot more in store according to Christofer Karltorp.

The company was co-founded by Christofer Karltorp from Sweden and Taaniel Jakobs from Estonia. The team is spread around the world and in total they are 8 people.

Zerply is a bit like About.me, but they’re aimed at the professional market. Currently, you’re able to build your profile through other services, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. However, you’re also able to write down specific jobs and other parts in addition to data pulled in from other services.

Despite having a lot of competition, Zerply has managed to gear quite a bit of traction. According to the Christofer Karltorp, they have grown 25% each week for the past eight weeks. Naturally, the team does not stop here in terms of development.

“The profiles was a way to give initial value to our users, but it’s only one part of what we are building. Basically Zerply is a more open, social and visual LinkedIn, and it comes in three parts: professional presentation, networking and communication”, Christofer Karltorp confirms.

Some of the plans Zerply has in store for future development include their premium features, which they haven’t talked too much about yet. Potential premium features can include custom domains, advanced statistics and premium themes.

Christofer Karltorp also disclosed to us that they’re currently working on a major release, where the focus will be on communication. So don’t judge the book by its covers just yet – it’s still very much work in progress.

Also, Zerply is currently working on their next financing round so a lot of things are taking place for the team. Check out the profiles of Christofer Karltorp and Taaniel Jakobs to understand more about the product.

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