ZeroTurnaround Picks Up €1.98 Million according to SEC Filings

    Estonia-founded Java productivity tools producer ZeroTurnaround has just received a major influx of cash, according to SEC filings. To date, the current amount of equity sold stands around $2.7 million (€1.98 million) but their total offering amount leaves them open to $3 million USD.

    In 2012 ZeroTurnaround raised Nortal AS sold 35.89% of their stock in Zeroturnaround to Bain Capital Ventures for €1,54 million. valuing ZeroTurnaround at €4.29 million. This new round marks the first major influx of cash in some time.

    Since being founded in 2006 today the company boasts over 90 employees from around the world. Today the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Tallinn, Tartu, and Prague.

    ZeroTurnaround’s bread and butter is JRebel, a product that allows developers to see all code changes instantly in the browser, rather than having to wait to redeploy to see what progress they’ve made. And for Ops teams, ZeroTurnaround has developed LiveRebel to eliminate server downtime during live updates.

    With no formal announcement yet, it will be interesting to find out what the company plans to use the new cash on, whether it’s for maintaining course or for pumping resources into developing new developer productivity products.