ZeroTurnaround Ending A Great Year With Visit By Estonian President

    Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves dropped by the ZeroTurnaround office the other day to acknowledge their contributions to the Estonian economy and to help promote and bring awareness to Estonia’s IT sector. President Ilves knows a thing or two about the impact of technology and startups– he was largely instrumental in the “E-estonia” re-wiring that seeks to promote the nation as an innovation hotbed.

    Since the last time we’ve covered ZeroTurnaround, they’ve won three awards in a single year: the JAX Innovation Award, Duke’s Choice Award and the Estonian Innovator of the Year Award. And they’ve grown the team size by 250% in 2011 alone.

    The team has put together two main products that are useful to web developers. JRebel, their first product, is a small JVM-plugin that makes it possible for Java developers to instantly see any code change made to an app without redeploying. When developers make a change to any class or resource in their IDE, the change is immediately reflected in the deployed application, skipping the build and redeploy phases. ZeroTurnaround claims that automating that small time-drain prevents an average of 5.25 work weeks per year in redeploys.

    LiveRebel, their other product, allows you to run a Java EE hot update without any downtime or lost sessions for your users. It versions each class and resource individually instead of reloading the whole application, avoiding the problems associated with container redeployment and rolling upgrades.

    At the ZeroTurnaround offices, President Ilves listened to demonstrations of their products, and discussed issues like ZeroTurnaround’s global markets, raising awareness about the Estonian IT sector and e-Estonia, hiring developers in the Estonian market, and the company’s future plans.

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