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Zero Turnaround Closes $6 million In Funds Within Two Months and Seeks 40 New Employees In Boston Area

Since the introduction of Java programming as a language in 1996, developers have stumbled over and over again into practical obstacles that turn the essential, which is plain coding, into teeth grinding sit downs where headaches and bright ideas come to life.

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One of the many programming related problems emerged with Java code with which developers have had to write the code on their own machines and then upload their code to remote servers for testing.

In 2006, Jevgeni Kabanov found a way to address Java’s core problem – the redeployment bottleneck.

The result was ZeroTurnaround, an Estonian-originated startup with two hot products, and since yesterday, a closed a $3million dollar funding round, totaling up to $6 million since their previous funding round a few months back.

ZeroTurnaround offers two services; JRebel and LiveRebel.

JRebel is a fast to install plugin (5 minute installation) for Java developers that allows them to instantly see their code changes without redeploying the application server. According to ZeroTurnaround, using JRebel could potentially save coders up to one work month per year.

LiveRebel breaks the bottleneck effect which takes places when app developers frequently release their apps through their quality & assurance teams as well as the operations team in order for the app to reach the end users. In between these processes are many risks of communication and functional errors that result in delayed releases. LiveRebel automates this whole cycle and deploys the releases on work hours and recovers them quickly in case of errors.

With over 35,000 Java EE developers as customers ZeroTurnaround has solid need for strong funding, which came from California-based Western Technology Investment, which was, according to Beta Boston, previously a backer of Google and Facebook.

We’ve reached out to ZeroTurnaround for a comment on the news, but were unavailable. The company is currently operated from Boston, with offices also in Estonia and the Czech Republic, ZeroTurnaround intends to hire up to 40 new employees in the Boston area during this year.

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