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Estonian startup has raised a total of €3.4 million pre-seed for its meal-kit business

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Tallinn-based startup yummy gets €1.9 million in a pre-seed round from the angel fund DEPO Ventures and Startup Wise Guys. This latest round brings the startup’s total funding to €3.4 million. The Estonian startup provides a service for its customers to enjoy restaurant-quality food at home. With yummy, one can order according to the number of portions they need and receive their order with a detailed recipe prepared by the Estonian chef Orm Oja. yummy is already operating in Estonia and Poland. Now with the funding, it will be able to expand into new markets starting from Czechia.

yummy, Depo Ventures, Michal Ciffra“There are several big and successful players in the cook & eat industry around the world. The CEE market is still untapped and represents a great opportunity for Yummy. The service also achieves a high net promoter score, which measures the level of customer and employee loyalty. This proves that customer needs are sufficiently met and there is room for further expansion,” says Michal Ciffra, Partner at DEPO Ventures.

The startup was founded in 2020 by Martin Salo and Karl Paadam as the “Clean Kitchen” meal-kit brand in Estonia to help customers save money and time on meal planning and groceries. yummy also welcomes those who follow preffered or prescribed diet and offers vegeterian, lactose-free or gluten-free dishes. The startup grew explosively and they’re currently expanding their operations into new markets especially where meal-kit concept hasn’t yet been adopted. Yummy previously raised €1.5 million pre-seed from Startup Wise Guys, angel investors such as Bart Weymeis, Marko Kruustuk, and Herty Tammo and also family funds from New York, Switzerland, and Finland.

yummy, Karl Paadam“We were in Estonia during the first lockdown. And when we were shopping online for groceries, the experience was admittedly terrible. Poor selection and substitutions for the items originally ordered were a recurring business. You never really knew what the tomato you ordered would taste like. I love food. But if you want to cook something extraordinary, you have to find a great recipe first, go to the supermarket and sometimes a specialty store or two. It takes a lot of time, then you come home, start cooking and it still might not turn out the way you imagined,” says Karl Paadam, co-founder of Yummy, describing their motivation.

We help families save money and time on menu planning and grocery shopping. But that’s just the beginning. We’re building a platform to help households solve all their food-related worries. From budgeting to shopping to making sure they eat healthy and well, and that includes dieting. We are creating a service that will make it all as easy as turning on the tap and running the water,” Karl Paadam contemplates about the future.

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