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Yubico's Authentication Technology Sees 90% Growth In 2011

Yubico, a Swedish/American provider of online identity security has announced it has grown its user base by 90% in 2011. New customers include U.S. Department of Defense contractors, e-governments, and cloud technology. Along with the announcement, Yubico says it has ended 2011 with more than a million users and 18000 customers in 100 countries. 

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Part of this growth can be explained as a reaction to 2011’s high profile data breaches. New compliance regulations have appeared and Yubico was able to capture enterprises replacement of their legacy two-factor authentication tokens with newer technology. Yubico has also included some new products to further expand their reach.

Yubico’s key product is the YubiKey, a hardware authentication token that looks like a small USB memory stick and can be used by organizations and consumers for secure access in the range of IT applications, including email, VPN, Windows login, disc encryption and web single sign-on. The company also offers YubiHSM, a small actual USB decive that secures encryption secrets on servers in a simple and low-cost fashion.

Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and founder of Yubico says that in 2012, “Yubico will further enhance our security technology with new inventions to meet the growing need for strong authentication on mobile devices.” We last covered Yubico in 2008, so its good to see the company soldiering on and continuing to protect information.

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