YouTube Video Discovery Made Easy

In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch videos on YouTube. If you are among this them, you probably know that YouTube is a massive archive of both great content and complete and utter trash. Finding the right videos in this bottomless pit of content, where more than 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute is not an easy job. Finnish company Tuned Rocks is going to free us from the hurdle of selecting videos on YouTube by curating the video feeds and tailoring each channel with the newest and best videos on the web, in real time.

Video discovery made easy

Tuned Rocks’ primary goal is to build the best video experience available using automation and manual curation. The service already has hundreds of channels, from Lifestyle Vlogs to Conspiracy Theories, with thousands of curated videos in total.

“One of the reasons I started this company was because YouTube is a video sharing platform, but finding good new content is hard. They generate playlists automatically, but the quality of them are severely lacking,” stated Joonas Nieminen, Founder of Tuned Rocks. “The original idea was to create a platform for music clip playlists, but I shortly realized that there are a lot of interesting videos on other topics, so I started to add new categories, like TV, Sports, Kids, News & Docs, and Vlogs.”

Nieminen came up with this idea only late last year, but Tuned Rocks has already received a good deal of positive feedback and has overcome the initial disadvantages of being an outsider in the online media industry. He is confident that his team can build a loyal and enthusiastic user base, growing it to the likes of Twitch or YouTube. But can the team beat the competitors? There is a number of video apps that provide curated video feeds like Hyper App or Helsinki-based Neverthink.TV. Tuned Rocks comments that its main competitive advantage lies in content discovery.

“Our approach is focused on Youtube video discovery, so we want to help users to find new creators and new content while competitors focus on streaming. For instance, Neverthink wants to provide a television-like experience, where you don’t have many choices, only a few channels. Tuned Rocks will have plenty of channels to choose from” – commented Nieminen.

Tuned Rocks just launched on Product Hunt with new upgraded UX design. Check it out!