Youcalc Visualizes Your Data With A Click (Video)

    youcalcOver the years, as I have worked with several great designers, I have come to appreciate well designed info graphics more and more. At the same time, where I’m not that much of a designer myself but why I can help companies with their products’ user experience is because I am one of the most impatient persons you’ll ever meet when it comes to bad user interfaces – If I don’t figure out right away what’s happening with a given product, the interface is broken as far as I’m concerned. These two reasons added to the fact that I love big data go a long way explaining why I like Youcalc so much.

    The company is not doing anything that revolutionary, but at the same time it just might be for those who use the product. In a nutshell, Youcalc is a Danish startup that let’s business people create and share custom reports and analytics on data from SaaS systems, in a very clear and easy manner I may add. And by business people I mean those impatient, busy people who can’t concentrate to learn to use (let alone set up) a complex reporting tool even if their life depended on it because they are busy making that next sale. And that’s what they should do, but that’s also why they may need Youcalc. The company’s mission is to create the world’s largest library of analytics apps by allowing business users to create and share those analytics apps. Here’s Youcalc’s presentation in ArcticEvening Copenhagen from a while back.