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Monday, June 27, 2022

You saw it coming: Seriously gets into physical toys

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It was inevitable. With Seriously CEO Andrew Stalbow the ex-EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Rovio, you knew that the Best Fiends characters were destined to end up in the physical world.

The trend seems to be starting this San Diego Comic-Con with vinyl toys created by Kidrobot, bringing Best Fiend’s dastardly slugs to you shelf in their sludge black or glow in the dark form.

“We think of our app as the platform for our world and characters, and we’re excited to extend our content experience beyond our award-winning mobile game.”

The collaboration between Seriously and Kidrobot is deeper than just product fulfillment. Best Fiends will be taking over Kidrobot’s booth for a few hours at Comic-Con, and Best Fiends will release a game update which will introduce the “super rare” Best Fiends X Kidrobot Labbit fiend. These toys will be available on the Best Fiends site, or though Amazon.

It will be interesting to see what role commercialization like this will play for games moving forward. Rovio famously showed that getting your brand on products can bring in big revenues, but the company is also showing you can’t bet the farm on it. Seriously is starting with the Premium toys first, but who knows where they’ll find their market.

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