Yodiz Adds A Social Flavor To Project Managment And Team Collaboration

    Project management is definitely not one of the most exciting tasks if you’re forced to use the most boring and non-interactive methods of collaborating with your team. First of all, lots of solutions out there involves too much for users to read, and secondly, most of these management and collaboration tools aren’t really user friendly. On top of all that, these  first two factors are already too burdened by you having to deliver at 100 percent efficiency. While many startups are stepping forth to make this a bit more interactive, Yodiz already is speeding the task of adding “Interest” to the intensity of project management.

    Yodiz is a Finland-based startup was announced at the Startup Sauna earlier this year. Yodiz focuses on making the entire process of project management and team collaboration more social, adding the always needed “instant engagement” among teams. On top of that, Yodiz provides small businesses and enterprises a unified platform for everything associated to projects and collaboration. This platform addresses the following key aspects of any project:

    • Planning
    • Management
    • Issue or bug tracking
    • Quality Control
    • Coding
    • Discussions

    With existing project management tools, you already get the above mentioned solutions. But they usually lack one feature mentioned above and even if all actions are present, the ever essential aspect of “instant communication” remains missing. What you primarily need with the management of any project is the agility in communication and interaction, the more agile you or your team is with responses and tracking, the better is the team efficiency and the quality of the delivered product. Yodiz offers:

    Agility: You have a task board that gives you a quick overview of the progress and the status of the project. Likewise it offers you an efficient planning board that lets you assign issues, tasks, etc. to users within the team as well as a discussion board where you can stay updated on all conversations.

    Bug Tracking And Fixing: While all existing tools for management can offer you reports or notifications, but who wants to read content? It’s just too difficult to consume. Yodiz gives you charge on “following” certain issues, getting involved in conversation with a team via real time Team engagement using the Chat and Ping features. Also the representation of all these bugs and issues is done using graphs, which are self explanatory and give a quick overview about the entire situation.

    Reports: You can view all reports from the dashboard. Each of these reports are categorized by User stories per statuses, tasks from members, etc. The reports as mentioned are provided in neat graphs to ensure that the data can be comprehended by any category of users.

    Coming over to the dashboard. It is here alone that you have the entire project plan and status available. As an administrator you can view all pending and completed tasks, the amount of work remaining, etc. To sum it up, Yodiz might just be a bit difficult to grasp first up, especially if you are accustomed to using traditional project management tools. But once you do get a hold of it, there is a lot to take advantage of.