Former Shark Tank investor takes Yepzon to US

    The Finnish wearable locator device, Yepzon, expands to the American market with the lead of Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington.

    “I look for products that solve problems and have mass market appeal. Yepzon meets both of these criteria,” says Harrington, who was one of the original ‘sharks’ on the Emmy award-winning reality show.

    “The moment I saw Yepzon for the first time, I knew it had the potential to be a winner,” he says of the company that has raised €1.4 million funding from private investors.

    Yepzon uses Bluetooth, GPS, and mobile network technologies to provide accurate location information through a mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.

    The easy-to-use device has no buttons and it cannot be turned off without the mobile application. The device is waterproof, it has long battery life and it has a foolproof data security – so no personal information is collected by the application or the device.

    And all in all the main idea – enabling to locate people, pets and valuables you care about – could also win over the hearts of Americans.