Yandex_logoYandex, has invested in one of the applicants and finalists that took part in its Yandex Start event on March 15th – Zenmoney is a personal finance startup developing an accounting and planning application.

Yandex Start events are pitching events where startups pitch themselves in hope of attracting interest from Yandex. The company’s Yandex Factory is a startup program through which it finds startups to invest in and mentor. With the investment, Zenmoney will begin using Yandex’s API in future development.

Yandex has kickstarted its startup activity with great speed in the recent months. Last year the company was more or less non-active on this front. Today, it is organising Yandex Start events every few months attracting a lot of interest.

Its next Yandex Start event, to be held on June 28th, has attracted some 600 applications signaling a strong startup ecosystem. However, the company has already stated that only 30 of them interest the company.

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