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Xiha, the Finnish company running a multilingual, cross-cultural community, is testing their new on-the-fly translating concept with a new angle, celebrity tweets. While the most followed people on Twitter are celebrities, they tweet in a range of languages – although English can be said to be the most common one out there. There are however many people who are unable to understand these tweets as they don’t speak English as their first language. The new service they’re doing this with is Starsfeed.

Many people comment regarding this story, namely in TechCrunch, how on earth a company doing this sort of thing can raise a 1 million dollar investment when they’re developing a simple Google language API trick. I believe this is simply Xiha’s different approach on the attractiveness of on-the-fly translation as a service and it if flies with Starsfeed, they might be making it a more core part of their technology at Xiha Life.

Starsfeed in itself is relatively simple. It’s somewhat of an aggregator of public figures’ tweets. They have hundreds, if not thousands Twitter accounts being aggregated into their site. What users can then do, is translate these tweets to a set of languages. The technology behind this is heavily relying on the Google Translate API.

Will be interesting to see how this develops and how it will be bundled with Xiha in the long run. Now they seem to be quite far from each other to be building value between themselves across the split.

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