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XIHA Life logoXIHA Life has partnered with a French company called BlueTeach to enable online teaching at their multi-cultural and multi-national social network. XIHA Life is a Finnish startup that has moved to Switzerland (Update: They’re still registered in Finland). They have steadily grown their user base and Jani Penttinen, Co-founder of the company has tweeted that they recently passed the 600 000 registration mark.

With the help of BlueTeach’s in-browser application, teachers are able to go through a variety of material together with their students. BlueTeach is also able to monetize the teaching situation as teachers are able to ask for a price for the session or teach for free. Looking at the offering BlueTeach has, I have to state that it is a pretty neat package put together. The service is also easy to use and you are able to use it to record your lessons and have them online for later use.

It remains to be seen how successful these kind of deals are for both partners, but it is definitely a trend that has been taking off recently. Mysites has for example partnered with XIHA Life and Dazzboard to supply them with their cloud storage, working out a mutually beneficial deal for both parties. I’m not sure it’s the economic situation that is pushing companies to work out deals like this, but nevertheless they are beneficial for the ecosystem as a whole.

Secondly, I find it also an interesting strategy for XIHA Life to partner with many different companies to bring more value to their network and hence jump time to market dramatically. Not only that, but I find it extremely smart to avoid doing everything yourself when there are working solutions in the market.

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