Wunderbar Cocktails, a mobile app for cocktails lovers to find recipes online, have partnered with the cocktail community to launch the first-in-market community cocktails mobile application for people to find and make curated cocktails recipes posted by other users.

Fabian Ng, CEO of Wunderbar Cocktails, said: “The bartender (and cocktail lover) community has been impacted by the COVID-19 situation, and we have been forced to adjust to the new normal. While the new situation may have affected the way we enjoy the cocktails, it should not stop us from sharing the joy of cocktail making with others. As such, we are so pleased to partner with many of the bartenders and mixologists around the world to launch the community cocktails, which will benefit thousands of other aspiring mixologists.”

Wunderbar Cocktails launched the community in July 2020, and the first batch of community cocktail recipes are now available on the mobile application. Users in the Wunderbar Cocktails community are able to create and submit their own cocktail recipes through the mobile app, which may be selected as the next batch of community cocktails recipe. Cocktail and ingredients recipes can also be created and accessed through all devices of the user as long as they sign up for a free account.

About Wunderbar Cocktails

Headquartered in Singapore, Wunderbar Cocktails is a mobile app designed to enable the discovery and understanding of cocktails you love. Specially tailored for cocktail enthusiasts and home bartenders, our constantly growing curated cocktail database contains over 300 of the world’s most iconic cocktails and related ingredients – with more added every day as we enhance it with new finds.

Wunderbar Cocktails has more than 5000 users consisting of bartenders and cocktail lovers worldwide with an online cocktail community that is growing quickly. Wunderbar Cocktails is available for free download on both iOS and Android.

Website: https://www.wunderbarcocktails.com

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