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In our eighth episode we dive into discuss the new rising star of Sweden – Wrapp. We’ve reported on the company in the past, especially in them raising two rounds of financing worth more than $10 million. The rounds were raised from Atomico Ventures as well as Greylock Partners, both highly acclaimed investors. The first round invested into the company was by Creandum, the acclaimed Swedish investment house that has stakes also in companies such as Spotify. We talk to Carl Fritjofsson, the COO of Wrapp on how exactly the company got setup and what they are really after. Believe us, there is so much more to the company than simply gift cards. After listening to the show, you’re going to understand exactly why the $10+ million makes a lot of sense.

This week we are supported by Gapps.fi – a Helsinki-based company that brings the Google productivity tools to your workplace. They’ve got a special offer for all those who ping them and say they came from ArcticStartup. Also, they are looking for talented people to work with them in the area of sales and technical implementation. Big thanks to Gapps for supporting the show.

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