WOT Partners With Kiosked For A Secure Online Shopping Experience

    Security is a prerequisite in the real world and perhaps more so in the digital space. And with security online, comes WOT that has been ensuring a safe browsing experience for the millions of users online. WOT announced another major partnership earlier, this time with Kiosked.

    Kiosked is an online service that transforms online content into a marketplace. The service provides consumers with access to more information as well as making both online and offline purchases easy. Kiosked was also one of the Arctic15 finalists this year.

    For example, the Kiosked Image Bank that enables publishers, photographers and even bloggers to generate revenue from royalty free images online, alone represents hundreds of brands with an exponentially high number of users utilizing the service. About this, Vesa Perälä, CEO of WOT Services stated:

    To maintain their excellent WOT reputation as well as stay compliant with copyright law, online publishers have access to images found in the Kiosked Image Bank.

    The CEO of Kiosked, Micke Paqvalén also shared his opinion stating that with WOT as its partner they have with them a proven solution, which is highly efficient and valuable to their customers.

    WOT with its massive community of users is the right tool to make sure new shoppers find Kiosked trustful in the future.

    An interesting minor detail is that WOT and Kiosked actually share offices in downtown Helsinki already, so the partnership is close even physically.