WOT Continues To Grow, Crosses 20 Million Downloads

    WOT LOGOWeb of Trust or WOT, the safe surfing software that protects surfers from malicious links, spyware and spam continues its growth that has been exponential in the last one year especially. The service recently crossed the 2 million registered user mark and out comes another update. The Web of Trust went past the 20 million download mark, quite significant since it took only a year to add another 10 million.

    Quite a gift coming at the right time and while we were busy celebrating Easter, WOT was busy keeping track on the counter for downloads. The growth for the community based safe web browsing tool has been double in the last one year compared to years prior 2010 combined, which is an evidence itself that more sites and users resort to trusting the service. The WOT community itself is very active reporting spam and malicious content online.

    20 million

    Despite all the good things with its move towards success, there had been a recent lawsuit which was filed against WOT. Ten companies based in Florida, US voiced concerns over WOT’s community warnings, something which surprised me as well. If a community of users is marking a site to be malicious it must have concrete reasons for doing so. We also interviewed Vesa Perälä, the CEO of WOT to help clarify things and as we had mentioned it was obvious that suing WOT was like suing each and every member it is made of, since they have already rated over 31 million websites. But that’s another story for another day.

    Predicting a bit about the year to come, I guess as more people resort to migrating online and using numerous websites for varying purposes WOT is only going to get more popular, who knows they might double both downloads and registered users by next summer?