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Web of TrustThis is cool in making the web more accessible to people around the world. While everyone’s keeping a lot of noise about the fact that text should be readable and scalable larger if the viewer wishes to, not many people realise that about 8% of men and about 0,5% of all women suffer from color vision deficiency. WOT has added support for these people in their service.

Web of Trust is a service that can be used to find out the trustworhiness and safety of websites. It relies on peer ratings and comments to build up its database. The service itself has a destination site, but can be more commonly found as a browser plugin.

WOT rating for color deficient peopleSince their service, like many on the web, rely on using different colors to differentiate meaning of functionalities and ratings of websites, it becomes totally unusable for a proportion of the population. To help come around this, they have come up with new symbols for showing the rating and safety of websites to the color vision deficient people.

This is indeed something that should be taken into account when designing websites in general. Many people make a lot of noise when there isn’t support for a browser that has 5% market share, when the truth is that 8% of the population may not be able to see their content at all.