Mimic GO™ is the world’s first personal and portable security gadget.
Secure your area, belongings, and your loved ones anywhere with the first personal security gadget in the world, Mimic GO™.
It senses the danger, notifies you instantly via phone notification, and scares away the thieves with its powerful alarm. (Ex: if someone is tampering your door, stealing your laptop or moving your backpack).
What makes it different:
The one and only portable security device on the market.
First personal security device.
Multiple usage areas such as belongings protection, area protection, reminder features, daily features like a light.
Many sensors in one small box: accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, motion
Tiny and portable, you can take it wherever you go, hide it wherever you want.
Mimic GO connects to the internet, alerts you wherever you are.
Mimic GO doesn’t require any data fees ever.

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