Wordy Professional Editing Gets Wordier: Multiple File Uploads And New pricing

    WordyPublishing content online might be considered to be the easiest job for many but for those who mean serious business, pushing content online is a matter of great importance. Many bloggers out there would readily agree to this when they switch from writing for their personal blog to someone else’s. You have to adopt to a certain standard, the perfect writing style and tone of voice, just to name a few. We reviewed Wordy, a startup that takes up the responsibility of all your editorial nightmares by providing you a quick, standardized and cost effective solutions. Write, submit, pay and publish with confidence. Quite simple. Recently, they announced new pricing and features to their service.

    There has been a couple of updates at the Denmark based Wordy, much to the relief of content publishers and the major one is that of uploading multiple files or simply pasting the text to be edited to the Wordy interface. This saves a lot of time especially in cases where you need to push a set number of articles and time is a major constraint. Once you have uploaded the selected text or files you are provided with an instant quote that informs you about the total cost of each article and the time it will require for the documents to be edited. Here’s the best part, each one of your document is human edited, ensuring that you need not be worried about a machine doing auto corrections.


    Other than that, you have the option to decide what form of English you would prefer. Again, it plays a major role since American and British English differ to some extent, especially when it comes to spellings. This simplifies the editors’ job as well, since Wordy knows the document needing the American English attentions shouldn’t be treated the same way. Users are also given an option to add any extra notes (brief) that they would like the editor to keep in mind. This helps the editor to understand what treatment you actually want for the document.

    Good enough with the editing business, but without a service being cost effective, this really means nothing for publishers need to save as much cash as they can. The updates to Wordy include new pricing: pay as you go, subscription and prepaid credits.

    Whatever model you choose you end up saving 20% on standard prices. Comparing this to other editing platforms or services, it is important that others usually consider 250 words to be one page, Wordy extends that to 400 words. Meaning you get almost 2 pages edited at the price of one. Other than that, you can subscribe to have your own Wordy editing team for 29 Euro a month. Cheap indeed.

    With Wordy ready to be integrated to any publishing platform and your editing needs just a few clicks away, it definitely lives up to its reputation. And as mentioned earlier, if you want to avoid the hassle of hiring your own editor, Wordy is quite worthy to be your cheapest editorial team a plugin away.