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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Wolt sold to Doordash in €7 billion deal

As a part of a approximately €7 billion all-stock transaction, DoorDash will acquire Wolt, meaning that all of of Wolt’s shareholders, whether investors or employees, will continue as shareholders of DoorDash.

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Both companies share a mission to build a global platform for local commerce that connects consumers with the best of their community, drives incremental revenue for merchants, and provides meaningful earning opportunities for millions of Dashers and couriers around the world.

“DoorDash and Wolt share a vision to build a global platform for local commerce that empowers the communities we operate in,” said Tony Xu, Co-founder and CEO of DoorDash. “Under the leadership of Miki Kuusi, Wolt has built a culture of optimism, operational rigor, and bias for action that matches our own. By joining forces, we believe we will accelerate our product development, bring greater focus to each of our markets, and improve the value we provide to consumers, merchants, as well as Dashers and couriers around the world.”

Wolt’s team of over 4,000 employees operates a leading local commerce platform across 23 countries. Wolt’s consumer obsession and attention to detail are evident in its superb consumer loyalty and retention rates. Its operational efficiency allows it to sustainably operate in a variety of environments ranging from rural towns to dense city centers. We believe Wolt’s combination of technological innovation, operational expertise, and intense focus on the consumer experience are characteristics that will allow our combined company to build a leading local commerce platform and drive substantial growth for many years.

“DoorDash has built an incredible business in one of the most significant markets in the world, while we came from a small home country and had to master the art of expansion very early on. During this process, we’ve come to appreciate the many similarities of our two teams, cultures and companies, as we’ve been molded by similar circumstances. We’re incredibly excited to be joining forces with Tony and the DoorDash team to build something even greater together,” said Miki Kuusi, Wolt Co-Founder and CEO.

Upon closing of the acquisition, Miki Kuusi will run DoorDash International, reporting to Tony Xu. Under Miki’s leadership, we expect to increase our international scale, accelerate our product development, and improve our investment efficiency. We expect to continue investing aggressively in the combined team to build our platform and grow our global business.

“We have an opportunity to build a global platform for local commerce in the internet era,” said Tony Xu. “Joining forces with Wolt will deepen our pool of superb talent and allow us to accelerate our international growth, while elevating our focus on the U.S. We expect the ingenuity, product expertise, and operational excellence of our combined company to expand our TAM, improve our investment efficiency, increase our long-term profit potential, and generate significant shareholder value.”

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